Sunday, November 1, 2009


In April 2007, Rio de Janeiro hosted the show "Fabulosas Desordens" at the Caixa Cultural Center in Rio, the first big expo graffiti in Rio de Janeiro, this time we have in the Espaço Cultural Severo172 a parallel exhibition called "Reunação" inviting some artists to paint in space as Eco, Mateu Velasco, Kar and Nase (Netherlands), Chico21, Stile, Preas and others, some participating artists in the show's came to our space and also painted some walls between them , like Tinho, Zezão, and Flip Binho Ribeiro (SP), Loomit and Stohead (Germany), we completed the activities with a big party with DJ Nutz, Dj Machintal DjBabão and a special night with great music and good fun , the photos are by photographer Ricardo Maia aka Hotmaia.


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